Insta Finish Bead Off Glass Treatment 355ml

Insta Finish Bead Off Glass Treatment 355ml
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The Bead Off Glass Treatment is formulated to dramatically improve your visibility when driving in the rain, snow or sleet.

Once it has been applied, you will notice the water bead up and quickly be removed by the passing wind that is created while driving.

Bead Off also seals up your windshield and fills in any microscopic glass pores that are usually the result of making the glass.

Other than being easy to apply, the Bead Off lasts and once you notice the improved visibility you will never turn back.

To apply the liquid, make sure that your glass is clean and that you have a clean rag to use.

Deposit some onto the rag and slowly rub it into the glass.

As it dries, the Bead Off will form a chemical bond to the glass that lasts for weeks at a time.

Once you are done, you are not going to believe how easy it was to apply.

As you drive, you will notice the Bead Off in action.

As the chemical bond wheres away it will be noticeable and that is when reapplication will be required to keep the same desired results.

Driving in the rain, snow or sleet is hard enough, why not take some of the work away from the wipers and buy some Bead Off glass treatment today.

  • A glass treatment that dramatically improves wet driving visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow.
  • After applying, water beads up on your windshield like little glass balls that are then easily blown off by the wind and you get the safe visibility you need.
  • Bead Off seals windshields & fills microscopic glass pores.
  • Easy to apply!
  • Qnty: 355ml
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