HS Camo Edition Cricket Shoes - White and Red

HS Camo Edition Cricket Shoes - White and Red
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  • Brand: HS Camo
  • Style:Sports Shoe
  • Colour:White and Red
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Size:43
  • Designed by specialized synthetic leather, HS Camo Edition Cricket Shoes offers multidirectional foot movement for all field activities at the great value of money.
  • Made of fine-quality synthetic leather material
  • Sole molded from high-density rubber for great flexibility and stability
  • Strap is present for comfort and protection
  • Designed for the needs of modern-day cricket
  • Enhanced comfort and resistance
  • Hot & Cold compressed Phylon for better shock absorption and performance
  • Lightweight design with decent look
  • Suitable for both bowlers and batsmen
  • Ideal for beginners cricketers
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