GK Gold Shampoo, 250 ML

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  • Brand: GK
  • Product Type: Shampoo
  • Quantity: 250 ML
  • GKhair Gold Shampoo provides unparalleled smoothing to your hair whilst restoring it back to its youthful state.
  • It provides strength and shine, whilst removing all unwanted oily impurities.
  • The nourishing shampoo comprises of ALOE VERA, SHEA BUTTER, ARGAN OIL to protect, nourish and restore hair health, giving it suppleness & shine.
  • GKhair Gold Shampoo comprises rare floral fragrances that brings a feeling of exquisite exuberance.
  • The shampoo gives you silky and shiny hair from the first use. Buy now GKhair Gold Shampoo for frizz-free and extra moisturized hair.
  • STRENTH AND SHINE: GKhair Gold Shampoo is a daily Cleansing Shampoo for hair that helps to strengthen the hair whilst boosting shine. The shampoo gives you silky and shiny hair from the first use.

  • The use of Gold Shampoo will leave your hair frizz free and repair damage.Damage Repair; Frizz free Hair; Exquisite Floral Fragrance, Luxurious Moisturizing Soft alluring Shine;Gold Shampoo will leave your hair frizz free.
  • It is an ultra-light natural formula, gentle on color-treated hair, deeply moisturizes and softens hair, while providing a totally luxurious experience.
  • It is enriched with Keratin that fortifies hair, giving it strength, elasticity.
  • It cleanses your hair for incredible silkiness, leaves your hair beautifully manageable, straight and full body.

  • Shampoo and conditioner daily to protect the hair from damage and provide superior moisturizing and cleansing with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to smooth the hair.
  • Apply Gold Serum on wet or dry hair.
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