Geepas Rechargeable Led Lantern And Flashlight Combo 2 pieces

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  • Brand:Geepas
  • Model Number:GEFL4141
  • Type: Lantern Light
  • Color:Maroon & Black
  • LED Light : Yes
  • Unbreakable PC Glass : Yes
  • Includes:LED lamp and Flashlight
  • Battery: 4V 6Ah rechargeable lead-acid battery
  • Recharging time:6-8 hours
  • Operating time: 5 hours/strong light; 100 hours/weak light
  • LEO: 24x0.5W bright LED
  • Switch: 3 stage slide switch
  • Switching adaptor: 4.5V 200mA
  • Corrosion resistant/water resistant/shock resistant: Yes
  • AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz 12W

  • GEEPAS RECHARGEABLE EMERGENCY LANTERN - Geepas presents you with a rechargeable lantern, it is easy to carry as it has a compact size and can fit your travel bag with ease. With its brighter light and long-time performance, it is ideal for camping as well as sudden power outages. This lamp uses 24Pcs 12W Hi-Power brighter LEDs and requires 6 to 8 hours to charge completely.
  • 24PCS & 16Pcs HI-POWER, 1800M DISTANCE RANGE - It is a more efficient way of providing brighter light in smaller sizes with 24pcs 0.5W LEDs in the lantern. And torch has 3W CREE led and is has a distance range of 1800 meters. The torch has a lifetime warranty for CREE LED.
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE - These lantern and torch are safe and easy to use, the lantern is having inbuilt features like over-discharge protection and auto lighting. And the torch is water-resistant, corrosion, shock-resistant aluminum body.
  • HIGH AND LOW BEAM LIGHTS OPTION - This Geepas rechargeable lantern has a dual setting option which provides an option to use low power for 100 hours continuously at weak light and 5 hours continuous working at strong light. And the torch will work for 3 hours continuously in a single charge.
  • OVER DISCHARGE PROTECTION - This lantern and torch has built-in features if in case you have left your torch on charging will avoid overheating and in the meanwhile with over-discharging of power too.
  • RECHARGEABLE 6000mAh BATTERY, 1900mAh TORCH BATTERY - This lantern uses a sealed lead-acid battery with a capacity of 4V 6000mAh. It can provide continuous bright light for up to 200 hours making it ideal for indoor & outdoors. And the torch comes with 1900mAh rechargeable battery.
  • AUTOMATIC LIGHTING - This Geepas lantern has a smart feature, if you ever faced any power cut off at night this rechargeable lantern will automatically turn on its lights.
  • HIGH & LOW LIGHT Option - The lantern requires 8 to 10 hours to charge completely. It can continuously work up to 100 hours with a low beam and 5 hours working time with a high beam. It’s very useful in unannounced or sudden power outages.
  • OVERHEAT & OVERDISCHARGE PROTECTED - This rechargeable lantern is safe to use and no need to worry about living the charging the lantern for a longer time as it has built with overcharge and over-discharge features
  • Brand Geepas
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