Geepas Rechargeable Led Flashlight - 221mm

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  • Brand:Geepas
  • Model Number:GFL51030
  • Type: Flashlight
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Machined Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body with Anodized finish
  • High-quality battery can be charged upto 1500 times
  • Hyper bright cool white microchip LED
  • Distance: 1800 Metres - Real Range Distance

  • HIGH INTENSITY CREE LED LIGHT WITH LED FLASHLIGHT -This Geepas Led Torch has a high intensity CREE LED light which gives bright white light which is less harsh and gives you a day time appearance. This torch is very much useful in emergency light in case of power failures at your home.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE ALUMINIUM BODY - Built up with the durable extra hard anodized-aluminium body which is anti-skid, shock resistant and sustains even by rough handling.
  • RECHARGE 1500 TIMES- This torch has an immense wavelength and is capable to reach a long distance with maximum range of 1800 meters. Comes with highly durable rechargeable battery can be charged up to 1500 times.
  • 2 HOURS AT SINGLE CHARGE - This torch will provide you the intensity of light up to 2 hours at single charge & as you fix the distance of the light beam it automatically provide you the bright light needed to that distance to give you clear view. Comes with high capacity and durable 1900mAh battery.
  • AUTO WAVELENGTH SETTING, GLOWING BODY - This torch is very easy to use you will just need to rotate the body anti-clock wise to adjust the light beam distance as per as your requirement.


  • RECHARGEABLE & HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY-This Led Torch has a highly durable standby mode and is perfectly meant for campaigning, trekking, cycling, emergency at nights, and weekend outings. It works continuously for 2 hours on a single charge, comes with an inbuilt 1900 mAh battery.
  • RANGE UPTO 1800 METER- The Geepas led torch has incredible reach max beam distance up to 1800 meters and with automatic adjustment of focal length. This torch allows you to see objects, persons, or roads for a very long distance.
  • HYPER BRIGHT & TOUGH-This torchlight stands out unique for its over brightness as natural cool light and this will let you identify the exact objects even in the darkness. Highly resisting body built suitable in any environment without any performance deviation.
  • AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINIUM BODY WITH ROUND RUBBER GLOW - Built-up of highly durable aircraft-grade aluminium, hard-anodizes, skid proof and shockproof. This torch has night glowing body that can be easily accessible in the night.
  • MULTIPLE USES & POCKET-FRIENDLY DESIGN -This rechargeable torch is can be used for various reasons like campaigning, trekking, weekend outings, night security, patrol, and more. It is user friendly and easily fits in your pocket too.
  • Brand Geepas
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