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Geepas Precision Screw driver

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  • Brand: Geepas
  • Model Number: GT7640
  • Type: Screwdriver
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Material: Blade - CR-V; Handle - PP + TPR
  • SLOTTED: 6.5 X 100 MM
  • Blade: Highly alloyed;chrome plated;chrome-vanadium steel
  • PAH free soft grip
  • Anti-roll function

    • Geepas Screwdriver can be used in heavy duty works like construction and demolition. They can withstand hammer hits. The head have the correct size to fit in the slots.
    • Comfortable Grip - The handle is designed to have a comfortable and controlled grip. It fits your hand with ease and allows smooth rotation.
    • Highly Durable Tools - Due to the high durability, this screwdriver can be used by technicians. Mechanics and home hobbyists. Its an excellent addition to your toolbox and has a classy design. give long-term performance and are available to you at an affordable price.


    • SLOTTED SCREWDRIVER - Have chemically blackened tips that make the tips resistant to wear thus maintains their shape. The handle is insulated with rubber making the grip more comfortable and softer.
    • MATERIAL: CR-V STEEL - The CR-V steel, also known as Chromium-Vanadium Steel is a special alloy used for making tools and metallic objects. It has a hard steel core and a chromium-vanadium coating on the outside. This coating protects the metal tools from corrosion and oxidation due to air.
    • CHEMICALLY BLACKENED TIPS - The tips of the screwdriver is black due to certain chemicals. This prevents oxidation and maintains the shape.
    • RUBBERIZED HANDLE - The handles are insulated with rubber. They have a grip-friendly design that is soft on the hands. It allows a better and effortless grip.
    • MAGNETIC TIP, HANGING HOLE - Magnetic Tip for easy pick up and screw locator along with a hanging hole for easy storage.
    • Geepas has built a chrome-vanadium steel blade for everyday household uses and other small technical operations. The blade is highly alloyed to protect it from getting rusted.
    • It comes with a magnetic tip to lift small screw from confined spaces or to hold it into a position.
    • The rubberized handle comes in bi-color with the combination of red and black. Which gives a soft grip and an anti-roll function. And it is made with PR and TPR material.
    • The slotted screwdriver has a size of 6.5x100 mm.
    Brand Geepas
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