Geepas 36-Pieces Rechargeable Solar Led Lantern With Usb Mobile Charging Output

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  • Brand:Geepas
  • Model Number: GSE5583
  • Type: Emergency Lantern
  • Color: Grey/ Orange
  • Power : 18W
  • Battery: 4V 6Ah Sealed LEAD ACID
  • LED Light : 36 PCS 0.5W LED
  • Working Time: 2-200 Hour
  • Charging Time: 20-24 hours
  • AC:220-240V-60/50Hz 18W

    • Geepas 18W Rechargeable LED Emergency Lantern. It will be your friend in darkness and can easily take care of all the light for a long time. its brighter light and long-time performance, it is ideal for camping as well as sudden power outages.
    • This lamp uses 36 mini LED lights. All these small LED lights work together and glow in a uniform manner to provide glare-free light.
    • Illuminate your homes and workspaces in the case of a power cut with the Geepas 36-Piece Rechargeable Solar LED Lantern with USB Mobile Charging Output.


    • 200 HOURS WORKING (LOW INTENSITY LIGHT) EMERGENCY LANTERN - It can provide continuous light for up to 200 hours in weak light mode making it ideal for camping and outdoors, power outages, emergencies, targeted searches, and general household use. The lantern requires 20 to 24 hours to charge completely.
    • 36 PIECES 0.5 WATT LED LIGHTS, EMERGENCY & AUTOMATIC LIGHT UP - This lantern uses 36 mini high-power LED lights. It lights up automatically during power failure and in emergencies.
    • CONVENIENT CHARGING, SOLAR PANEL - USB output for Cell Phone Charging or USB enabled devices. DC 12V input socket for charging the lantern i.e using the solar battery power supply. No need to worry about charging the lantern no electricity this LED lantern uses solar power to charge and saves electricity.
    • FULL CHARGE INDICATOR, PORTABLE HANDLE - Provided with full charge indicator which indicates when the battery is fully recharged. It has a lightweight design making it portable and can be carried easily. It can be placed on the surface or can be hanged.
    • LIGHT-DIMMER FUNCTION - Allows you to adjust the light according to your requirement easily. There is a large knob located in front of the lantern. Simply rotating it to the wanted level will do the trick.
    Brand Geepas
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