Gardena CombiSystem Garden Saw 300 Pp curved

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Product Details
  • Brand: Gardena
  • Model Number: 08738-20
  • Product Type: Gardening Tool
  • Blade Type: Hard-Chrome-Plated Saw Blade
  • Blade length: 300mm
  • Toothing: Crossed toothing
Product Description
  • The Gardena combisystem Gardeners Saw, curved, with a saw blade length of 300 mm, is flexible in use depending on where you want to saw: if you want to cut easily accessible branches, use the Gardeners Saw as a "normal" hand saw
  • The saw lies well in your hand thanks to the ergonomic handle with its comfortable, soft plastic components
  • If you would like to cut branches at heights of up to 5 metres, simply extend the Gardeners. Saw using a telescopic combisystem handle. Practical: simply fix the combisystem handle onto the saw
  • The safety lock guarantees that the connection remains secure
  • The precision toothing with impulse-hardened tooth tips and double grinding guarantees a safe cut
  • Due to a special coating, the CS Gardeners. Saw 300 PP, curved, is ideally protected against rust
  • When using this pull-push saw, the stop at the end of the handle prevents slipping even during pulling movements
  • It is easy to remove branches using the hook for removing cut-off branches at the tip of the curved saw blade
  • This saw can be hung up on the integrated eyelet, and the saw blade can be protected using the blade cover
  • This ensures that the CS Gardeners Saw is always stored safely
  • Flexible use at heights of up to 5 metres-One product multiple uses: use the CS Gardeners Saw with handle at close proximity, or with an extension at elevated heights with the telescopic handle
  • Hook for removing cut-off branches: The hook for removing cut-off branches positioned on the front part of the saw blade makes pulling out sawn-off branches easier
  • Anti-slip protection during pulling movements: The stop at the end of the handle prevents you from slipping
  • Durable: The hard-chrome-plated saw blade guarantees corrosion-free use for a long period of time
  • Easy and safe storage: Simply hang up your saw using the integrated eyelet, and the blade cover will keep it safe and in a handy place until you need to use it again
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