Flamingo Cervical Traction Kit-Universal

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  • Brand: Flamingo
  • Categery:Cervical Traction Kit
  • Measurements of the product: L5k67 X L9k5 X 46kl2 Cm; 2.24 kg
  • Weight of product: 2 Kg 240 G
  • Item Size LxWxH: L5k7 X L9k5 X 46kl centimeters
  • Provided with head holder, spreader bar, pulley set and cord of 1. 5 mt length.
  • Soft padded head halter provides a comfortable interface for the traction. Flamingo Cervical Traction gives you a great relief.
  • Description
  • The Over Door Cervical Traction Kit includes everything needed for flexion or extension for cervical traction.
  • The portable traction kit is suitable for vertical traction at home, hospital and private clinics.
  • Longer traction pull lifespan effectively reduces pain associated with cervical spondylolysis
  • Can be used for all adults and children
  • The weight bag comes as an extra accessory item and can be purchased separately.
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