Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition British Shorthair Adult, 4Kg

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Product Details
  • Brand: Royal Canin
  • Product Type: Pet Food
  • Target Species:Cat
  • Form:Dry Food
  • Flavor: Multi
  • Package Type: Pouch
  • Age Recommended: Adult
  • Size :4kg
Product Description
  • British Shorthair Adult
  • With a plush short coat, impressive muscle mass and a sturdy physique, the
  • British Shorthair formula is exclusively made to meet the specific needs of adult British Shorthair cats (over 12 months).
  • The British Shorthair formula helps support their hardworking joints and bones, maintains muscle mass and is enriched with nutrients to support a healthy heart.
  • MUSCLE TONE & JOINT HEALTH:This formula supports healthy bones and joints and contributes to maintaining muscle mass.
  • EXCLUSIVE KIBBLE & DENTAL HEALTH:The kibble's unique shape and size are specifically designed for the British Shorthair?s large jaw - making it easier for the cat to grasp and chew properly. The kibble also supports their oral hygiene.
  • HEALTHY HEART:Formula enriched with taurine and EPA & DHA which contribute to maintaining healthy cardiac muscle
Brand Royal Canin
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