Dr Seidel Treats For Kittens 50g

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Product Details
  • Brand: Dermapharm
  • Product Type: Snacks
  • Suitable For: Kittens
  • Dosage: 10 units per day maximum
  • Quantity: 50g
Product Description
  • The snack for healthy kittens from Dr Seidel are the only ones on the market enriched with prebiotics and taurine in a proportion that makes them assimilable by the metabolism of our pet
  • Prebiotics stimulate the growth of bacterial intestinal flora correctly in the gastrointestinal tract, thus enhancing natural immunity
  • Taurine (exogenous amino acid) is necessary for the proper development of the nervous and visual system
  • Especially recommended for kittens to be enriched with taurine and prebiotics that promote their growth and state of health,do not use this snack as the usual diet, but as a complement to it
  • The snacks of the Dr Seidel range are made with high quality ingredients from the European Union, they are perfect as a complement to the diet or reward
  • Corn flour, wheat flour, yeast, animal fats, bran, dried meat, prebiotic (inulin from dried chicory, 18mg per snack)
Brand Dr Seidel
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