Dr Seidel Training Treat For Dogs 15ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Dermapharm
  • Product Type: Training Treat
  • Quantity: 15ml
  • Suitable For: Dogs
Product Description
  • The treat helps to focus the animal's attention (on training, in a crowd of people, among other animals, e.g. barking dogs)
  • It is perfect for walking (also in winter)
  • Composition: Hydrolyzed liver, hydrolyzed yeast, technological additives
  • It is ideal for our pet to be aware of us in places where there is a crowd, dogs barking or some stimulus that can distract him
  • Thanks to its small size we can take it with us when we go out to the countryside,for a walk or when we go on a trip
  • Its special design in the form of a roll on does not make it necessary for us to get our hands dirty when administering the prize to our dog, we simply have to bring it to the mouth and bleas the tip of the container
  • Once the container is opened, it must be consumed within a period not exceeding 1 month and must be kept in the refrigerator
Brand Dr Seidel
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