Dog Dolina Noteci Premium Rich In Chicken 400g

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Product Details
  • Brand: Dolina Noteci
  • Product Type: Food
  • Suitable for: Dog
  • Package: Can
  • Quantity: 400g
  • Main Ingredient: Chicken
Product Description
  • To take care of your pet every day, the composition of the food has been composed in such a way as to ensure the presence of high-quality nutrients that guarantee the proper course of all metabolic processes
  • Chicken meat is a source of zinc and selenium – minerals that play an important role in stimulating the body’s defenses. They also stimulate the antioxidant properties of body fluids and play an important role in regulating skin functions
  • Food is also a source of niacin and riboflavin, which affect metabolism
  • Due to the use of chicken meat, the composition of fatty acids is very favorable and, as one of the few, it contains a large amount of n-6 fatty acids that affect the condition of the skin and improve the appearance of the coat
  • Composition: pork 25% , beef 25% , broth, chicken 15% , eggs 3%, carrots 1.7%, natural brown rice 1.2%
Brand Dolina Noteci
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