Delcasa Non Stick Aluminium Fry Pan 28cm, DC1570, Grey

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  • Brand:Delcasa
  • Model Number:DC1570
  • Type:Fry Pan
  • Color:Grey
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Cooking Surface:28cm
  • Weight:900gm
    • The Delcasa range of fry pans are ideal for if you are expanding or starting off a collection of high quality pans with a lower price tag. Created from forged aluminium with a non-stick coating the Hybrid Stone allows the heat to be conducted faster and is completely non-stick.No oils or fats are needed which makes it a lot healthier when cooking and your food can still slide out of the pan if required. Heat resistant and soft grip handle enhances both the design of the pans and also adds to the durability. It's safe for solid plate, gas, halogen, ceramic, radiant ring and induction hobs, as well as ovens.
    • Even Heat Distribution - Bonded with multiple layers, and aluminum body this frying pan possesses a durable, solid bond of materials to ensure even heat distribution and perfect cooking every time.
    • Durable Handle - The handle is made from heat resistant material that enables ease and convenience while cooking and carrying the cookware.
    • Induction and Gas Compatible - This cookware has high quality aluminium body which comes with induction and gas compatible base, thus making it versatile.
    • Fry Onions and Other Vegetables - You can pan fry just about anything, including vegetables, meat, and fish in the Delcasa non- stick frying pan.
    • Make Fried Eggs - with No Cooking Oil. The non-stick nature of the Delcasa frying pan means that you can cook in it without any additional cooking oil, fat or even low-cal cooking spray. Perfect for cooking in line with slimming club requirements.
    • HEALTHIER WAY TO COOK - Chemical-free, ceramic non-stick releases no toxins during cooking, so it's better for you and the environment. Whether you need to scramble an egg, fry a chicken, sear a steak or sauté your vegetables, this frying pan is perfect to enjoy varieties of dishes. It cooks up fast, healthy family meals using less oil for healthy eating. Features soft-touch heat resistant handles to help you lift, shake, & move your pan;
    • HEAVY-DUTY ALUMINIUM BUILD - Constructed from strong aluminium that is wonderfully non-stick and energy-saving milk pan. Here's another benefit of aluminium: it heats up quickly and evenly, so you don't get the 'hot spots'. LESS OIL NECESSARY - Fry, sauté, and sear your favourite ingredients the guilt-free way. It's powerful non-stick instantly releases food. Non-stick coating for improved performance, easy cooking, and cleaning. Comes with embossed bottom for quick & even heat distribution.
    • MUTI-PURPOSE FRY PAN - Cook, fry, bake, broil, flambé & more in this super-strong pan! Perfect for making quick last-minute meals healthier like omelettes and fish, beef, bacon even grilled cheese without oil or butter! The non-stick, non-toxic free surface allows for use of less oil and fat to create a healthier meal & the stickiest of meals will slide right off and wipe right out. Great for sautéing, searing, pan-frying, poaching, caramelising and simmering.
    • MULTIPLE HOB TYPES - Suitable for multiple cooking sources (stove & cooktops): electric / gas/ceramic/halogen cooktops for ultimate long-lasting flexibility. It heats up quickly & evenly, so you don’t get the ‘hot spots’.
    • DISHWASHER SAFE - this non-stick cookware is dishwasher safe so that you can wash it and reuse it without any hassle and there will be no smell of the leftovers.
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