Dandy Beard & Mustache Oil 70ml

Dandy Beard & Mustache Oil 70ml
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Dandy Beard Oil for detangling the beard and moustache contains:

  • Argan Oil. For everyday hydration of the beard. Revitalises and deeply protects. Helps with detangling and combing
  • Baobab. Rich in nutrient and normalizing ingredients, it gives tone and elasticity to the beard
  • Flaxseed. Known for its cosmetic properties, it reduces frizz and adds shine and new vitality to the beard and moustache

Daily application of Dandy Beard Oil to the beard and moustache:

  • Protects and revitalises them
  • Gives shine and elasticity
  • Allows you to obtain a beard that is soft, tangle-free and pleasant to touch
  • Dandy Beard Oil is an exclusive detangling oil for the beard and moustache created by Niamh to protect, revitalize and make any type of beard pleasant to the touch.
  • A few drops of this detangling oil makes the beard and moustache softer and easier to comb by detangling knots and adding shine.
  • It contains natural ingredients which have amazing hydrating and elasticising properties. Argan Oil, Baobab and Flaxseed have a synergistic action that protects, softens and adds shine to a scraggly beard, making it healthier, stronger and more groomed.
  • Due to its ultra light ingredients and rapid absorption, it does not weigh facial hair down or leave any residue.
  • 70 ml size
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