Clikon Toaster Oven 100L

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  • Brand:Clikon
  • Model:CK4322 Item:Toaster Oven
  • Colour:Black
  • Capacity:100 Litre
  • Power:2800W
  • A Convection Oven Has A Fan And Exhaust System That Circulate Hot Air
  • Around The Cavity Of The Over
  • Reducing Hot And Cool Spots And Helping Dishes On Every Rack Cook More Evenly Convection Ovens Can also have a third heating element called true convection to help foods cook faster
  • The oven utilizes both the top and bottem Heating elements with adjustable thermostat temperatures ranging From 250-150c which is best for grilling and baking
  • it comes with 120min timer/auto shutoff fuction
  • The elegantly Designed Oven comes with a generous 100l Capacity in which You can bake a 11 inch pizza grill 3 pound chicken or bake a family cake
  • The powerful Convection fan circulates Warm air throughout the oven for fast even baking
  • which provides maximum cooking flexibility
  • thus cooking time is effectively reduced by 30% and the food gets evenly heated
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Brand Clikon
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