Choetech PD5005 Charger Adapter + MFI Lightning Cable, White

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  • Brand:Choetech
  • Model number:PD5005
  • Type:Charger Adapter
  • Color:White
  • Maximum power: 20W
  • Socket: USB Type C
  • Material:Fireproof ABS + PC
  • Input current: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.5A
    Choetech AC Adapter EU Fast Charging
      This compact charger allows you to charge various electronic devices. Its maximum power is 20 W, thanks to which energy transfer is really fast. It can be used in many countries because it has a wide input voltage range - from 100 to 240 V. Its small size makes it the perfect accessory to take on a trip. The charger is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and other devices powered by a USB Type C cable. It is equipped with numerous security features, thanks to which both the charger and your devices are protected against damage.
    Choetech PD5005
      Choetech PD5005 is a charger that, despite its small size, works very efficiently. Thanks to the use of 20 watts, it allows you to power devices up to three times faster than when using traditional devices. Supports Apple's fast charging protocols, but also Android smartphones and tablets. You can also charge it with power banks, desk lamps, headphones, electronic cigarettes and many other devices.
    Perfect for travel
      If you are looking for a charger that will work well on the go, this product will surely meet your expectations. Small dimensions and low weight make it easy to fit the charger in any luggage, purse or pocket. A wide range of output voltages guarantees safe and efficient charging of devices in different countries.
    Effective security
      To ensure protection of the devices being charged, as well as the charger itself, advanced protection systems against overheating, short circuit and overload have been used. The intelligent chip automatically selects the intensity level needed for effective charging.
    • Compact dimensions
    • Light weight
    • Compatible with many smartphones and tablets
    • Supports fast charging protocols
    • Wide range of input voltages
    • Protection against overheating, short circuit, overload
    • Automatic intensity selection
    • Charge devices up to 3 times faster
    Brand Choetech
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