Meguiars Engine Cleaner Environmentally safe cleaning power!

Meguiars Engine Cleaner Environmentally safe cleaning power!
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Size : 473ML

Meguiars Engine Cleaner is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to harsh engine cleaners. Using state-of-the-art cleaning technology, Meguiars Engine Cleaner removes grease and grime from engines without offensive fumes and without degrading rubber or plastic. Use it with confidence to get your engine clean.

Meguiars Engine Cleaner is the modern way to clean an engine. Old-fashioned engine cleaners were full of caustic chemicals that irritated your skin and let off unpleasant fumes. Today, Meguiars is proving that an engine cleaner can be safe for the environment and still effectively clean an engine. Meguiars Engine Cleaner is specially formulated with non-caustic cleaners that break up grease and grime so it can be rinsed away.

Use Meguiars Engine Cleaner regularly to prevent buildup and make future cleaning easier. Spray it on a warm engine (not hot!) and rinse off. Use a soft brush to agitate areas with heavy buildup.

Regular engine cleaning is part of keeping your engine running efficiently. Make Meguiars Engine Cleaner part of your detailing regimen.

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