Butterfly Table Tennis Racket, Multicolor

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  • Brand:Butterfly
  • Type:Table Tennis Racquet
  • Color:Multicolor
  • Material:Wood, Rubber
  • Sport:Table Tennis
    • Butterfly tennis racket designed for the beginning recreational player
    • Rubber produces more speed than spin and is ideal for those just starting to learn the basics
    • The less aggressive surface and thinner sponge layer helps to emphasize control play
    • Shakehand style is possibly the oldest surviving grip since the table tennis racket took its current shape
    • This is similar to a tennis grip with the index finger extended over the racket head perpendicular to the handle
    • This grip allows almost even power distribution over forehand and backhand shots, but has a wider crossover point in between.
    • Designed for the advanced recreational player, it is designed to be easy to control while still providing good speed and spin options.
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