Bittrex sanitizer- 5 Litres-Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Bittrex sanitizer- 5 Litres
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How to Use:-

  • Pour some amount of Hand Sanitizer on your palm and rub briskly until dry.
  • Security Information:Keep away from flame. Adult supervision required for children below 3 years.
  • Do not inhale or swallow. If swallowed, consult a doctor. Incase of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Incase of irritation, discontinue use.


  • 67% Isopropyl Alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Kills 99.99% germs & bacteria.
  • Affordable and available in refill pack.
  • Gentle, non-irritating and skin-friendly formula.
  • Rinse-free protection ñ No-wash & quick-drying.
  • Long-lasting protection from home & workplace toxins
  • In order to keep harmful disease causing germs at bay you have to maintain a good hygiene. Thus disinfecting your hands at regular intervals becomes mandatory as you tend to touch your eyes, mouth and ears frequently in a day.
  • Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs and keeps your hand clean on the go. Alcohol Based hand sanitizer is perfect for fight against viruses and bacterias.
  • Application: Anti-viral and moisturizes hands, Effect: Kills 99% germs
  • Properties: Non-sticky.
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Bathroom, Kitchen, School, Office, Mall.
  • Bulk sanitizers help buyers maximize savings and reduce waste.Take a coin-sized amount and rub your hands until dry. Use as often as required.
  • Instant Hand Sanitizer: This Sanitizer is a 67% Isopropyl Alcohol-based palm cleanser that kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria from your hand to keep you safe from all kind of infection-causing possibilities whether youíre indoor or outdoor.
  • For All Places & Purpose: Whether you're at home or on the job, this alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer can be used anywhere. Ideal for hospitals, schools, offices, gyms, and more.
  • Rinse-free, Non-sticky & Non-irritating: You donít have to keep water, soap or anything else to disinfect your hand quickly as it does not need any rinsing with water or drying with towels. Keeping sensitive skin in mind, this sanitizer is made free from any ingredients that may irritate your hands.
  • Direction for Use: Take out an appropriate amount (3-5ml) of hand sanitizer to moisten your palm completely on both sides and rub for 10-15 seconds front back to front & in-between your fingers until the liquid covers your hands & dries.
  • Do not wash with water.
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