Bigben iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe Compatible AIR Reinforced Case,Transparent - 1001268

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Product Details
  • Brand: Bigben
  • Type: iPhone Case
  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: TPU + PC
  • Compatible For: iPhone 13 Pro
Product Description
  • Magsafe Compatible - This case has been specially designed to interact with Apple's new innovative MagSafe system. Thanks to its integrated magnets, you can attach the case to devices designed for Magsafe and detach it easily.
  • Fast and easy charging - Thanks to the adjustment of its magnets, to charge your iPhone, simply leave it in its case and attach your MagSafe charger or drop it on your Qi certified charger.
  • Resistant - Combining thinness and robustness, it was made from choice materials. It is the combination of 2 exclusive technologies that gives it its extreme resistance to everyday damage. The reinforced Air case resists shocks and falls up to 2 meters.
  • Air Cushion Technology - The corners of the case are reinforced with air cavities capable of absorbing the impact without damaging the mobile.
  • Tryax 3D Inserts System - This system on the contour of the case is designed to absorb impacts and disperse the energy of the shock along three axes. Your mobile is thus protected on all sides.
  • Antibacterial treatment - The case eliminates most of the bacteria present and preserves your smartphone from fingerprints, dust and other impurities that could become embedded.
  • Elegant finish and design - Mix of thinness, aestheticism and robustness, its design lets you appreciate the original beauty of your smartphone while offering you the best grip.
  • Custom design - Fits perfectly to the design of the mobile by highlighting the control buttons. The front screen and back camera are protected by raised edges to reduce the risk of scratches. You will be able to put your smartphone on the front or back without risk.
  • Special anti-yellowing treatment - Made from a polymer alloy treated against yellowing, your case will keep its transparency much longer.
  • In the Box: iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case with MagSafe
Brand Bigben
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