Aquael Magic Algae Fish Tank Anti Algae Treatment

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Product Details
  • Brand: Aquael
  • Product Type:Zeomax
  • Quantity: 1L
Product Description
  • Antialgal filter media for all types of aquarium filter
  • Absorbs phosphates & nitrates, controlling algae growth
  • Each pack treats up to 100 litres of aquarium water
  • Each pack lasts 6-8 weeks
  • Aquael Magic Algae Stop is offered in the form of a small sachet that can easily fit into any filter container
  • Thanks to its unique properties, it prevents the growth of floating green algae responsible for the so-called ‘green water effect
  • By removing algae from the water, it restores its clarity and transparency.
  • The operating principle of Aquael Magic Algae Stop is based on efficient chemical absorption of phosphates, nitrites, and nitrates, which constitute a natural breeding ground for algae
  • The removal of these substances is a very effective way to control the growth of algae without harming the fish, shrimp, and higher plants.
Brand Aquael
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