Amber dust Islamic Rosary-K09-6g(2 Pieces)

Amber dust Islamic Rosary-K09-6g(2 Pieces)
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  • Weight: 6 grams
  • Color:  Brown
  • Bead Type: Ball 
  • Material: Natural Amber 
Jewelry Information

  • Amber is the remains of the petrified resin of ancient conifers, which are millions of years old.
  • These are translucent or transparent stones, inside of which hardened air bubbles and the remains of ancient insects are visible.

According to lithotherapists, amber is capable of much:

  • helps with migraines, sleep disorders and insomnia.
  • relieves nervous tension and overwork
  • cures liver and spleen diseases 
  • compensates for the lack of vitamin D in the body 
  • regulates digestion and metabolism 
  • strengthens the immune system 
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