Al Khatat Calligraphy pen 2.0 Black,1 Dozen

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  • Brand:AL KHATAT
  • Product Type:Calligraphy Pen
  • Model no:AK-PC200N-BK
  • Color : Black
  • Usage: School as well as artists
  • Long Tip
  • Smooth consistent
  • Writing: skip-free writing
    • Al Khatat Calligraphy pen 2.0 Black,1 Dozen
    • Arabic Calligraphy Sets Fiber tip
    • The Long Tip Allows The Stroke Width Remain Unchanged
    • Preserve the hardness of the wedge throughout the life of the pen
    • It Ensures Fluidity And Rigor In Writing Without Skidding
    • The Hardness Of The Wedge Throughout The Life Of The Pen
    • Fiber tip. 2mm line width
    • Keeps the line width unchanged
    • Over 1100m writing distance. Ctn. 100 dz
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