Mooto Training Target Pad

Mooto Training Target
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  • Brand:Mooto
  • Type:Target Pad
  • Color:Green
  • Material:PU leather
  • Usage:For Boxing Training
  • Suitable For:Kids
  • Features:Durable, Shock Absorption
  • Dimension:37.5cm x 18cm x 6cm
  • Weight:380gm
    • Children Karate Kickboxing Training Double Kick Foot Pad Target
    • Made of good quality faux leather material, this product is wearable and durable.
    • High dense sponge padding for shock absorption, can quickly relapse after hitting and protect both trainer and person who holds it.
    • It has a wrist band, which can prevent the pad from falling from hand.
    • Suitable for Thai boxing, kick boxing, karate, taekwondo, Wing Chun, etc.
    • Good equipment for training use in both gym or at home.
    • The best choice for taekwondo enthusiasts to practice high and low kicks.
    • Improve your muscles accuracy and strength.
    • When you kick it there will be a buzz.The wrist grip prevents the goal of kicking karate down.
    • Durable material easy to clean.The outer layer of the Taekwondo is PU leather and the inside is a high elastic compression sponge.
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