Johnson's Cotton Touch Oil 200ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Johnson’s
  • Type: Baby Oil
  • Size: 200ml
Product Description
  • Johnson's cottontouchTM Oil is blended with cottonseed oil and specially designed for newborn babies’ sensitive skin.
  • Its clinically proven mildness and fast-absorbing formula protects newborn skin from dryness from day one.
  • This gentle baby oil creates a delicate, soft touch and supports a bond between you and your baby.
  • Clinically proven suitable for newborn skin from day 1.
  • Gentle formula made with real cotton
  • Water-based, lightweight lotion
  • Moisturizes and protects from dryness, with no greasy or sticky feel
  • Absorbs quickly and leaves no residue
  • Proven not to disrupt a baby’s naturally developing skin
  • Moisturization that lasts 24 hours
  • Free from parabens and dyes
  • Hypoallergenic (formulated to minimize the risk of allergies)
  • Paediatrician and dermatologist-tested.
How To Use
  • Step 1: Pour a small amount onto the palms
  • Step 2: Rub hands together to warm
  • Step 3: Then gently apply onto skin.
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