Krypton 3 Way Universal Type Extension Socket, 5 Meter, KNES5080, White

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  • Brand:Krypton
  • Model Number:KNES5080
  • Type:Extension Socket
  • Color:White
  • Cable length:5 meter
  • Plug type: BS 1363/A
  • Cable Spec: 3 coresx1.25mm
  • Rated Current:13A
  • Power: 3250W
  • AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year of Manufacturer's Warranty
      Krypton 3 Way Universal Type Extension Socket power up multiple devices at the same time. Made of durable, fire-retardant materials that are safe to use. Highly elastic phosphor bronze material gives the extension socket resistance to fatigue, wear, and corrosion. 3 universal sockets specially designed to accommodate plugs of different designs and types, compatible with multi-country plugs. The minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 750-degree Celcius. The integrated circuit breaker and fireproof protection rating ensure the safety of your electronics. Lighted on/off indicator to indicate whether the device is on or off
    • The Krypton 3 Way Universal Type Extension Socket has a 5m long power cord.
    • The material is 750 degrees Celsius Fireproof temperature.
    • LED light to indicate whether the socket is on or off
    Brand Krypton
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