Wera 8100 SC 7 Zyklop Metal Ratchet Set with Push-Through Square, 1/2" Drive,28 Pieces - 5004077001

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Product Details
  • Brand: Wera
  • Model Number: 5004077001
  • Type: Ratchet Set
  • Material: Chrome Molybdenum
  • Drive Size: 1.2"(12.5 mm)
  • Set Of 28 Pieces
Product Description
  • Zyklop Metal Ratchet Set with push-through square. Zyklop Metal ratchet with push-through square.
  • Slim design for work in very confined spaces. The dual-ratchet-teeth design means that a 76 fine-toothing division can be achieved from the 38 robust teeth with a return angle of only 4.7°.
  • Very simple direction change with the undetachable push-through square and for the first time also with a secure socket lock function.
  • Forged, full metal ratchet (chrome molybdenum) for particularly high robustness and long service life.
  • Unbelievably compact set arrangement for many tools in a minimum of space.
  • Completely new ratchet set feeling thanks to novel textile boxes that are highly resilient and durable.
  • They can be positioned upright to enable simple identification on the workshop tool shelf.
  • Additional surface protection due to textile outer material. Low weight and volume for simplified mobility.
  • Slim ratchet design for confined spaces with push-through square drive.
  • Unique socket locking function.
  • Ultra strong 4.7 degree ratchet mechanism.
  • Metric sockets and hex bits.
  • High qualtiy, easy-transport structured pouch.
  • Safe tool storage.
  • Easy tool selection.
  • Versatile.
Set Include:
  • 8003 C through square drive ratchet 1/2"
  • 10 socket wrench SW 10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19 mm
  • 8794 LC Cyclops extension with rotary sleeve 1/2"
  • 8794 C Extension 1/2"
  • 8784 C2 cyclop connection part 1/2"
  • 14 Bits: Cross slot PH 2/3
  • Torx T20/25/27/30/40/45/50/55, inner hexagon SW 5/6/8/10 mm.
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Brand Wera
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