Sencor Food Processor 1000W, Red

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  • Brand:Sencor
  • Model Number:STM6354R
  • Type:Food Processor
  • Color:Red
  • Container capacity:4.5 L
  • Bowl (dough) capacity:2.2 kg
  • Container material: Stainless Steel
  • Speeds:8
  • Power:1000W
  • Noise level:85 dB
  • Dimensions:32.3x24.5x35 cm
  • Weight:9.6 kg
    • With them, It can manage any necessary function in the kitchen. It knead, wipe, shape, whip, blend, cut, slice, grind and mix both hot or cold ingredients. It saves space because It will replace several kitchen appliances at the same time. In addition, It equipped with a bayonet system with which can quickly and easily assemble structures and attachments.
    • This great feature gives the optimum speed with gradual start, which can individually set according to what preparing. It can set up to 7 speeds, making it easy to handle even the thickest doughs. With the pulse mode, It achieve top speed in a very short time for fast and efficient mixing or crushing of heavy ingredients such as ice or nuts.
    • It has an LED light by the multifunction head that turn on every time it stir, knead or whisk, for great visibility at every step.
    • The head rotates in both directions at the same time, therefore guarantee total mixing of the bowl contents without any lumps in a quality stainless steel bowl with a volume of 4.5 liters. It also has two useful lids. The first is a transparent one with a hole for adding food products and the second is intended to close the bowl and storage in the refrigerator.
    • The high power output of 1000W, it is no problem for to mix up to 1.5 liters of various types of soups, porridges, purées, smoothies, cocktails or even crushed ice. For the most effective results, my glass container is equipped with high-quality stainless steel knives.
    • It equipped with three attachments for three different types of grinding, from fine to coarse. With the grinder, It can grind meat for meatballs, hamburgers as well as bolognese sauce.
    • It simplify the whole process of preparing homemade sausages. Using a grinder, It grind the meat you need and simply make a great homemade sausage with the universal attachment.
    • The locking latch does not allow to lower myself in the tilted position and with the anti-skid feet It stands still, even at maximum power.
    • Balloon whisk - For whipping up to 8 eggs / 12 egg whites or producing excellent whipped cream and soft cream.
    • Kneading hook - I can knead any kind of heavy dough, e.g. for bread, pizza or pasta.
    • Stirring whisk - Mix the light doughs gently and leave enough air in them, as in hand mixing for unrivaled cakes.
    • Special Flexi kneading whisk - With this whisk, I knead fine consistency dough, e.g. for rolls, toppings or cakes.
    • Extremely powerful 1,000W motor
    • Robust full-metal body with metal gears
    • 3-hub design
    • Sencor Smart Power & Energy - for optimal speed
    • Variable speed control with smooth start and 8 speed levels
    • Pulse function
    • LED blending bowl light
    • 4.5-litre stainless steel bowl with measuring scale
    • Transparent bowl lid with feed tube for easy addition of ingredients while blending
    • Plastic storage lid for stainless steel bowl
    • 6 Year warranty for motor
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    Brand Sencor
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