Symplex P2 473Ml

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  • Symplex P2 Synthetic Ultra Paint Protector Sealer Synthetic sealant with PTFE polymer offers months of protection and a depth of shine with relentless water beading in an easy-to-apply, liquid paint sealant.
  • Our exclusive formula will shields your vehicle’s paint from environmental.
  • Symplex P2 Ultra Synthetic Paint Protector Sealer, lasting Synthetic Sealer, produce a Hydrophobic deep gloss.
  • And its’s PTFE space age Surfactands Technology provides relentless water beading and protection.
  • Easy to apply and remove.

Can be use in all kind of Paint.

- Crystalline “Super” polymers being developed by Symplex are the foundation of our original groundbreaking formula. .

- Scientifically Engineered PTFE (FLUORUSURFACTANT) .

- Fast and long lasting results.n acabado tipo “Wet Look” .

- Outstanding “Wet Look” Shine.

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