Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax,14L

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax,14L
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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax is the perfect way to not only clean, but also boost your protection, glossiness and add shine to your car's finish in-between regular waxing, .

Traditional "Wash and Wax" products are typically weak on suds, shine and protection, but not anymore!

Meguiar's hybrid blend of premium carnauba wax and synthetic polymers are compatible with all Meguiar's waxes, and provide protection and shine with superior sudsing, all while you wash!

  • Clear coat safe surfactants gently clean the paint Incredible sudsing action safely lifts dirt and grime
  • Leaves a just-waxed shine in one easy step Hybrid carnauba/polymer wax protection
  • Formula is compatible with all Meguiar's washes and waxes, and is pH neutral so it won't strip wax while gently cleaning the paint
  • The perfect way to clean and shine the paint in-between regular waxing, boosting protection, glossiness, and shine.
  • Enhances gloss and shine while you wash
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