Spall Basket Ball- Size 7

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  • Brand:Spall
  • Type:Basket Ball
  • Color:Multicolor
  • Outer Material:Rubber Moulded
  • Size: 7
  • Features:Water Resistant
  • Weight:500gm
    • Basket Ball with good grip and improved PU composite material has a much softer feel and smoother grip. There is added track covering so whether you are indoors or outdoors, this new material will help give you better control of the ball and the soft feel and the soft feel is great for passing.
    • It helps Kids to socialize better and also a physical activity is maintained throughout.
    • Basketball is fitted with a butyl bladder that prevents air leakage and helps to retain air pressure.
    • This basketball is great for beginners as it gives a good grip and great rebound from the hard surface.It stands for the importance of a regular fitness regime essential to lead a fit and healthy life.
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