Zooleszcz Collar With Spikes (2rows) Pink Black

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Product Details
  • Brand: Zooleszcz
  • Product Type: Collars
  • Suitable for: Dog
  • Size: 45-56cm
  • Pattern:2 Rows
  • Color: Pink Black
Product Description
  • Do you need fantastic dog equipment for daily walking, pleasant and comfy exercising and really long lifespan? Pay attention to this Spiked Leather Dog Collar
  • This attractive accessory will perfectly fit your lovely pet. It combines such characteristics as premium quality, durability and style which are necessary for every good piece of dog training equipment.
  • The main purpose of spiked dog collars is to protect the most vulnerable locations on a dog
  • If a predator were to try and attack a dog, it would target the neck and throat.
Brand Zooleszcz
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