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Yoga wheel

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Product Details
  • High-quality Yoga Wheel
  • Exterior portion made of a soft and durable TPE-Surface
  • Load capacity up to 200kg
  • Increases mobility
  • Eco-friendly & vegan
  • Lightweight:1.2 kg
  • Dimensions:33 cm x 15 cm
About This Item
  • The new, indispensable accessory for yoga, pilates and fascia training to improve the balance, increase flexibility and strengthen the entire musculature
  • The Yoga Wheel is suitable for all yoga levels and does not require prior knowledge. Beginners can use this tool / gadget to to ensure the correct performance of the asana and ease the execution of backbends
  • Asanas become more varied and backbends are getting lifted to a new, higher level with the Spirit Yoga Wheel
  • Yoga Increases flexibility and improves your balance
  • It also enriches the training by means of possibilities of variation, release of tension and pleasant stretching of all muscles and tendons.
  • A wonderful relief for strained shoulders caused by physical work or uncomfortable office chairs.
  • A great way to help you relax after a busy working day
  • Due to the high quality, the Spirit Yoga Wheel is also ideal for yoga studios
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