Yoga Block, Grey

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  • Brand:GoFit
  • Type: Yoga Block
  • Color:Grey
  • Material:Foam
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Size:4 x 6 x 9inch
  • Suitable for:Adults
  • Sport:Yoga,Fitness,Exercise
    • BLOCK: Extend your reach and get the most from your Yoga workout with the Go Fit Yoga Block!
    • STURDY: The Go Fit Yoga Block is sturdy yet lightweight, making this a reliable tool for all types of yoga practice.
    • FOAM: The smooth-grip foam featured on the Go Fit Premium Yoga Block is ready to handle the most rigorous workouts.
    • SUPPORT: The Go Fit Premium Yoga Block is a great accessory to use during yoga practice, giving you a little extra support to master even the most difficult of poses.
    • CARE: To properly care for the Go Fit Premium Yoga Block, simply wipe down with a damp, soft towel as you would a yoga mat.
    • Smooth block of wood or of firm but comfortable material, such as hard foam rubber or cork, used as a prop in yoga as exercise
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