Yoga Blocks Pair, Violet

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  • Type:Yoga Blocks
  • Color:Violet
  • Material:EVA
  • Set of : 2
  • Size:23x15x7.5 cm
  • Sport:Yoga,Fitness,exercise
  • Suitable For:Adults
    • High Density EVA Support and Deepen Poses Aid Balance And Flexibility for Yoga Dancing.Set of 2 yoga blocks help promote better balance, proper alignment, and deeper poses
    • A useful basic tool for any yoga practice, this set of two yoga blocks provides the stability needed to achieve better balance, proper alignment, and deeper poses. Seasoned yogis will appreciate the support in more advanced poses, while beginners can benefit from the extended height when focusing on flexibility. No need to over-stretch tight muscles and risk injury.
    • Made of high density durable foam, the yoga blocks offer exceptional strength, holding their position even under considerable weight. Stand on them, sit on them—the blocks are ready to support you.
    • Practice yoga more safely and effectively with the yoga blocks. The lightweight foam blocks feature a slip resistant surface for a secure hold you can trust. Even more, the blocks come with round edges for a comfortable, steady grip.
    • The supportive blocks help with everything from extending your reach to properly aligning your body or creating enhanced stability in a wide range of poses. Use the blocks separately or stacked together. Their modular design allows for placing them vertically, horizontally, or on their side (or a combination thereof when used together), which quickly creates a range of possibilities for extra height and support.
    • Reposition the lightweight and easy-to-use blocks as needed for each pose in your practice—from side angle or seated pose to forward bend and beyond.
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