Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500, Black

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  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Type:Electric Shaver
  • Color:Black
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7
  • Rated input: 5 V 1 A
  • Rated power: 3 W
  • Charging method: Type-C charging
  • Charging time: Fully charged in 1.5 hours
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Dimensions:155.1 × 61.6 × 63.3 mm
  • Weight:345gm
  • Mi Electric Shaver S500

    Floating surface for a cleaner shave with a
    comfortable, pressure-relieving design

    Floating surface for a cleaner shave with a comfortable,
    pressure-relieving design | Type-C charging | Three main advantages

    Three main advantages
    A shave that is cleaner, faster, and more comfortable

    We believe that a shaver should offer a clean, thorough, fast and efficient shave. This upgraded model gives you a more
    comfortable, more convenient and smarter shaving experience overall.

    • 360° floating surface
    • IFT floating technology
    • Twin blades
    • Washable shaver body
    • LED display
    • Type-C charging

    Three 360° floating shaver-heads
    Fits your facial contours and
    leaves no stubble

    When both ports are being used, the Mi Car Charger Pro
    intelligently distributes power to each device, with the total
    power reaching 15W max, conveniently meeting the charging
    needs of both driver and passenger.

    • Omnidirectional
      floating shaver-heads
    • Floating foils

    IFT floating technology
    Relieves facial pressure. For a smooth and
    comfortable shave

    Most users have to press the shaver-heads against the face in order to get a clean shave. This not only increases pressure, but
    reduces both shaving comfort and smoothness. IFT floating technology means that the shaver-heads float, relieving pressure
    on the face and delivering both a smooth and comfortable shave.

    Twin-track foils
    Shaves off more and faster

    Shave faster with twin-track foils that allow for 50% greater surface area coverage compared to single-track foils.
    The efficient design means that there are twice as many foil teeth and blades in the outer tracks than in the inner tracks and
    this delivers a more efficient shave.

    • 135 teeth

      Three twin-track foils

    • 15 groups

      Three blades

    Twin blades. For a cleaner and more thorough shave

    Most foils are of a set thickness, meaning stubble can be left behind upon contact with soft beards and multi-directional hair
    growth. In a twin blade system, the secondary blade lifts the beard before the main blade quickly cuts the hair away, resulting
    in a cleaner and more thorough shave.

    JFE & Sandvik
    Shaver-heads and foils
    made from imported steel

    Primary foil blades use steel sourced from the
    Japanese company JFE while secondary foil blades are
    made using steel sourced from the Swedish company

    Electrochemical machining (ECM)
    Smooth foils. Wear-resistant

    Shaver-heads and foils undergo electrochemical
    machining (ECM) to eliminate metal burrs which greatly
    improves the wear-resistance of cutting surfaces. Smooth
    foils, wear-resistant shaver-heads.

    High-speed gear
    Even thick beards can be
    shaved clean

    The shaver uses the 260-series motor produced by Mabuchi
    Motor of Japan which features high torque, high RPM and
    two gears. The standard gear is suitable for beards of average
    thickness while the high-speed gear is designed for those with
    even more facial hair.

    • Two gears
    • Automatic gear recall

    * When powered on, press and hold for 1 second to switch between standard
    and high-speed gears. The shaver will automatically remember the last gear
    used when next powered on.

    LED digital display
    Four main functions are
    shown for easy use

    • Power display

      The display shows the current remaining battery level as
      a percentage each time the shaver is powered on.

    • Charging reminder

      When the current remaining battery level drops below 5%,
      the display will flash as a reminder to recharge the shaver.

    • Travel lock. To avoid accidental operation

      When powered off, press and hold the power button to
      enable the travel lock and avoid accidental operation.

    • Hair removal reminder

      The clean/fault light will illuminate when excess hair has built up in the shaver,
      reminding you to clean out the hair in a timely manner.

    IPX7 waterproof rating*
    Allows for rinsing under running
    water, making it suitable for
    both wet and dry shaving

    With a waterproof body, the whole shaver can be rinsed directly under
    running water for easy cleaning. For a cleaner, smoother and more
    comfortable shave, we recommend the use of shaving foam to soften
    the beard before shaving

    • Rinse directly under
      running water
    • Supports wet and
      dry shaving

    2 months of use from a
    single charge*
    Ideal for hassle-free travel

    The shaver features a continuous run time of 60 minutes on
    a full charge and can be used whilst charging, even when the
    battery level is so low that the shaver won't power on. Features
    an upgraded charging method which uses a Type-C interface for
    both worldwide use and peace of mind when traveling.

    • Type-C

      Universal port

    • 60 min

      Long battery life

    * Please ensure that both the charging port and charging environment are dry
    when charging

    PPG fingerprint-resistant
    rubber coating

    Prevents fingerprints and other marks from building up during use. This
    makes the shaver feel more comfortable in your hand too.

    Removable shaver-heads for
    easy removal and cleaning

    Prevents fingerprints and other marks from building up
    during use. This makes the shaver feel more comfortable in
    your hand too.

    * Please use the protective cap to cover the charging port when cleaning
    the shaver.

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