Xiaomi Mi 65W Wall Fast Charger With GaN Tech, White

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  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Type:Charger
  • Color:White
  • Output parameters: 5V-3A 9V-3A IOV-5A 12VOA 15V-3A 20V-3.25A 65W MAX
  • Operating temperature: 0°C-40°C
  • Input parameters: 100-240V. 50/60Hz. 1.7A
  • Dimensions:30.8 x 30.8 x 56.3 mm (without plug)
  • 6 Months Warranty
    Xiaomi Mi 65W Fast Charge, Forget About Running Out of Battery
      Xiaomi want to make your life easier, this is way it always brings spectacular items so you can do everything you set your mind to. Always keep your devices at 100% with the new Xiaomi Mi 65W Fast Charger GaN Tech, the most spectacular model you'll find right now. A high power charger that can reach up to 65W and with a USB-C output that will give you everything you need to enjoy. It is one of the most spectacular models you will find, capable of giving you everything you need. Read on and you'll know why it's so spectacular.
    65W to Charge Everything
      We know what you want: you don't want to run out of battery all the time. This is a spectacular quick-charging charger, one of the most impressive models you will find. One of the fastest Xiaomi chargers that will let you have it all without any problem. This powerful charger has a USB-C output so you can keep your smartphone and tablet charged without any problems. It allows you to charge your battery quickly thanks to its maximum power of 65W, one of the most spectacular models you will find. It allows you to get everything you want. This model will allow you to have your iPhone charged without any problem thanks to its Lighting connection.
    Works with any iPhone Charge up to 50% faster:
      The Mi 65W Fast Charger with GaN Tech charges the iPhone approximately 50% faster than the original 5W charger.
    High power up to 65W Directly charges even laptop computers:
      The USB-C interface delivers 65W MAX output to charge high-power devices such as the new MacBook Pro. Mi notebooks and more.
    Includes 5A large current charging cable Charge faster and more efficiently:
      Included in the package is a Mi USB-C to USB-C cable with an E-Marker chip that supports up to 5A current for faster charging. I-meter cable for all different charging scenarios.
    Smart compatibility makes it easy to set up the latest devices:
      Smart detection of output current ensures compatibility with most USB-C smartphones. laptops, tablets, and cutting-eclge gaming devices.
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