WTF Taekwondo Gloves, White&Black

FP-WTF White workout/Taekwondo Gloves
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  • Type: Taekwondo Gloves
  • Color:White&Black
  • Material:PU Leather
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Suitable for:Adults
  • Size:M/L/XL
  • Sport:Boxing,Taekwondo,Martial Arts
    • Half Finger Kickboxing Gloves, Also Fit for Taekwondo Sparring,Training Light Workouts, Muay Thai, Martial Arts ,Karate,Shadow Boxing,Combat Class,Punching Bag Sparring for Men &Women
    • The white finger gloves are ideally designed for the training process and the competition in taekwondo. They have a lightweight, highly compressed padding and protect your hands perfectly from stress.
    • The special feature is the block padding, which guarantees you unrestricted freedom of movement despite high security. The open fingers leave enough space for grip techniques. With the high-quality material selection and clean processing, you get with these Taekwondo gloves an extremely durable product.
    • For a perfect fit on your hand, in addition to the tight fit, a strong, elastic hook and loop closure. The white design is simple and fits perfectly into the complete picture of a predominantly white taekwondo garment.
    • PU tuck under cup model with black elastic waist band;
    • Two stitching lines for the gloves, much more durable.
    • Printing the WTF and UWIN logo on the gloves
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