UniCream Gum Menthol Gel 120g

CubaT-UniCream Gum Menthol Gel 120g
  • Soak UniCream alone, mix it with tobacco, mix your unique flavors - simply be creative, the possibilities of using the ingenious vaporizing cream UniCream are incredibly wide.
  • UniCream universal vaporizing creams for hookahs are a wonderful addition to the family of vaporizing refills for hookahs. UniCream universal vaporizing creams for hookahs will allow you to enjoy a hookah without nicotine, tar and smoke, if you use them alone.
  • It is purely vaporization and the product is a thick fragrant and tasty steam after heating. UniCream universal hookah creams for hookahs are also great for mixing with tobacco (dry and wet) and are also an ingenious product for advanced mixology in shisha bars
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