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Twin Draft Door Guard

RT-Door Guard
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  • Type:Twin Draft Door Guard
  • Color:Black
  • Material: Nylon
    • Twin Draft Guard : Stop drafts from doors and windows for good with the twin draft guard. The draft guard has been designed to snugly hug doors and windows so that you’re protected from drafts from both sides. Once you’ve cut the special insert to size, just slide it into place and you’re done! No need to keep adjusting or fussing with it like other door draft stoppers. You can save a lot of power if you are running an air conditioner in your room. An AC needs to work harder if there is air leak from the room, especially from under the door. Stop those air leaks and save money on electric bill. The twin draft guard is made from a washable fabric that is abrasion resistant.
    • Dust-Proof : Dust-proof doorstop is made of tarpaulin and pearl cotton tube, and the opening is sealed with a Velcro tape. After folding, the dust proof doorstop is inserted from the side and can be used after being fixed.
    • Protect Doors : It will help you to insulate your door immediately. It will be universal for one year. It will also protect the doors and windows while blocking outdoor air and heat, noise or bad air into the room, providing two-way air protection and easy installation.
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