Learner Laptop For Kids

English Learner Mini Laptop
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  • Skill Enhancement/ Benefits : STAGE 1 - LEARN ALPHABETS : Alphabets recognition and pronunciation Write capital and small letters Find the letter, it will speak out the letters- (which the child needs to punch in on the key board) STAGE II- WORDS : Spelling and pronunciation Spelling test Identification of pictures Find the word STAGE III - LEARNING NUMBERS : Pronunciation and spelling of numbers Write the numbers Numbers identification ( Visual ) Number identification ( Verbal ) STAGE 4 - LEARNING MUSICAL NOTES : Play melodies Play musical notes Recognize musical notes ( Visual and Verbal ) STAGE 5- GAMES : Catch falling objects Find the match pair Star shooting Draw a picture.
  • English Learner Laptop for Kids - English Learner is a brilliant learning aid. The various features presented in this toy help in building the child's English language, spellings, phonics and writing skills. English Learner Laptop for Kids Let them learn while they play with it Lots of learning without any stress A laptop shaped English teaching toy with an inbuilt LCD screen and sound instructions, key pad and an unique mouse control Adjustable volume settings It has various levels to keep challenging the child - If the words or sums being presented appear too easy, the child or the parent can choose between 3 levels of difficulty It is easy to maintain - It is made of durable, child-safe plastic that does not break easily. It is also easily cleaned using a damp cloth It has an auto shut-off mechanism which helps save battery

  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Multicolor
  • Type : Educational Toys
  • Non Rechargeable
  • Ideal For : Kids
  • Skillset : Memory Building, Social Skills, Reading & Writing
  • Minimum Age : 3 years

  • Battery required ? : Yes, 3 AA batteries required (not included)
  • Assembly required ? : No
  • How To Play? Learning Letters- Press Any Key to hear and see the Letter or Number on Screen Learning Words -Press Any Key to see and hear a Word starting with that letter Music- Press the designated keyboard key to hear a Musical Note or Other Keys to hear a Nursery Rhyme Hit the Letters Learn the layout of a standard QWERTY keyboard for quicker typing
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