The Humble Co. Natural Toothpaste- Charcoal 75ml

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Sorbitol *, aqua *, hydrated silica *, laurylglucoside *, xanthan gum *, aroma *, charcoal powder *, sodium fluoride *, zinc gluconate *, stevia rebaudiana extract *, limonene *. * = Organic

Vegan      Dentist

Vegan Certified                              Developed by Dentists 

no animal products                          loved by nature

  • The Humble Co. develops reliable health/wellness products, that are eco-friendly and socially responsible, with an innovative twist.
  • The health professionals at The Humble Co. translate evidence-based innovations into eco-friendly consumer products that are beneficial and fun for everyone to use, including underprivileged people living in remote communities.
  • This charcoal toothpaste from Humbe Brush is a beautiful addition to the bamboo toothbrushes of Humble Brush.
  • The toothpaste is developed together with dentists and contains carbon, which creates a white smile and works effectively against plaque.
  • The toothpaste has a nice mint flavor and works perfectly against bad breath. With the Humble toothpaste you contribute a unique stone for super healthy teeth and a cleaner environment.
  • Tips for proper brushing: - Brush at least twice a day, - Before brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with water to spit out any food leftovers, - Brush your teeth with a little bit of toothpaste for at least two minutes
  • - Do not press too hard your teeth, you do not damage the protective layer
  • - Do not forget your gums and tongue.
  • Be careful and do not push too hard.
  • You do not want to damage anything - Spit your mouth empty and rinse with water.
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