Tesco Deeppan Cheese Pizza 386g Vp

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Product Details
  • Brand: Tesco
  • Product Type: Cheese Pizza
  • Quantity: 386g
  • Model no: 015-931968
  • Nature: Creamy and Melty
  • Storage:Keep frozen at -18C or cooler
  • Important: If food has thawed
  • Do not refreeze
  • Product Description
  • Tesco Deeppan Cheese Pizza 386g Vp
  • A deep pan pizza base with a three cheese blend of mozzarella full fat soft cheese, red Cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, tomato sauce and oregano
  • Ingredients:Wheat Flour, Three Cheese Blend (27%) [Mozzarella Full Fat Soft Cheese (Milk), Red Cheddar Cheese (Milk) (with Colour: Annatto), Monterey Jack Cheese (Milk) in varying proportions], Water, Tomato Purée, Tomato Paste, Yeast, Rapeseed Oil, Maize Starch, Dextrose, Salt, Oregano, Sugar, Black Pepper, Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid)
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