Syren: 05 (Septimus Heap)

Syren: 05 (Septimus Heap)
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  • Binding:Paperback .
  • Categories: 6-8 years, 9-12 years.
  • In this epic Magykal installment, Septimus ends up on a captivatingly beautiful island, one of seven set in a sparkling sea.
  • Heís stranded there with his badly injured dragon, Spit Fyre, along with Jenna and Beetle.
  • There are some strange things about the island, including a Magykal girl named Syrah, a cat-shaped lighthouse that has lost its Light, and an eerie presence that sings to Septimusñcan he escape the persistent call?
  • Trouble is also brewing for Lucy and Wolf Boy, who have become entangled with some nefarious sailors at sea, and for Milo Banda, Jennaís father, who is harboring a mysterious treasure chest in his shipís hold.
  • Charismatic storyteller Angie Sage continues Septimus Heapís Magykal journey with more laugh-out-loud adventures, more enchanting charms and spells, and an ever-deepening understanding of the interior life of a young hero.
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