Sweet Life Mug

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  • Type:Ceramic Mug
  • Color:Green
  • Base material: Tempered glass
  • Rated power: 16W
  • Rated frequency: 220V~50Hz
  • Cup texture: Ceramic
  • Line length: 80 cm
  • Coasters size: 12x16cm
  • Coasters applicable: ceramic cups, baby bottles, milk cartons, stainless steel cups, glasses, cans
    • Intelligent heating cup pad, double stable heating, continuous heat preservation, keep in 55 Degree C This temperature [warm tips] Black spots, bubbles and pinholes Due to the evaporation of moisture during high-temperature firing, it may occur during shrinkage, which meets the standard Bottom vent, indentation Some ceramics require air holes at the bottom to be fired.
    • At high temperature, the moisture of embryo can evaporate from the air hole, the package embryo body does not break, the glaze is more uniform, the color is more colorful, but not the gap Ceramics are not like plastics.
    • They need footwork in the process of firing. Some of them are too heavy. After the disk is burned, they can see the outline slightly. These are not quality problems. As long as it is ceramic, this will happen.
    • The temperature of love is 55 degrees Celsius 4D waterproof, antifouling and antiseepage technology.Hollow design, automatic heat dissipation.High temperature resistant, explosion-proof glass surface Light and compact, elegant and beautiful, flat polished, improve insulation performance Considerate breakfast, warm love, sweet dreams do not disturb the children, after breakfast wake up warm for the whole family to protect the warmth Each side is meticulously made: one-finger touch button, rubber non-slip foot pad, intimate heat dissipation base, safe and convenient charging.
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