Smoking Deluxe Filter tips - 33 tips

CubaT-Smoking Deluxe Filter tips - 33 tips
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  • Brand:Smoking
  • Type:Filter tips
  • Number of tips: 33
    • Smoking Deluxe With Tips Ultra Fine, Slow Burning King Size Paper. Smoking Uses exclusively 100% natural vegetable arabic gum from the African Acacia trees. The purest ingredients, totally natural, for the best sticking results, with no colouring or artificial additives.
    • Smoking Brand since 1922, Sold in over 90 Countries! Made by Miquel Y Costas And Miquel, Which has been in Business since 1868! Made in Spain.
    • Smoking Brand has many different Styles, sizes and Thicknesses of Rolling Papers, Rollers and Accessories
    • Comes with a Limited Edition Beamer Smoke Sticker! Beamer Offers many Smoking Items and Accessories, Hookah Items and Accessories and Rolling Items and Accessories, Smoke Killing Candles and Sprays, Vapor Products and Much More! Beamer Constantly carries and Launches New Products, so always come back to see what's New!
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