Sit Up Bench with Arm Rest, Black

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  • Type:Sit Up Bench
  • Color:Black
  • Sport:Fitness
  • Suitable for:Adults
    • Exercise hip muscles: Place your feet on the bottom tube pedal and lean against the inclined plate. After placing your head with your hands, force your lower back and bend your body up and down.
    • Exercise waist muscles: Place your feet one after the other on the pedals and lean against the panel, exert force at your waist and bend your body
    • Exercise pectoralis major: Hold the push-up bar with both hands, straighten your arms, straighten your chest and tighten your waist, stop for a while when you put it down, and repeat
    • Exercise latissimus dorsi: Face the board, put your hands behind your head after your legs are clamped, push your back upwards, stop and then lower
    • Exercise the lower abdominal muscles/legs: Hold the handle with both hands, lie on the dumbbell bench, bring your feet together, and then lift it up to 90 degrees with the ground
    • Exercise arm muscles: Hold the drawstring with both arms, stretch it to be parallel to your shoulders, and slowly lower it to shape the upper body muscle line
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