Shining L-Gluta Armoni Glutathione Whitening Tablet

Shining L-Gluta Armoni Glutathione Whitening Tablet
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Product Details
  • Brand: Shinning
  • Product Type: Beauty Supplement
  • Item Form: Tablets
  • Quantity: 30 tablets
  • Package Type: Jar
Product Description
  • Shining L-gluta Armoni The first brand to build your own body ,Extraction from asparagus
  • There are very high in vitamin C
  • Suitable for people who rarely eat fruits and vegetables
  • Helps the body rebuild itself and then absorb
  • Helps keep skin firm
  • Help to clear pink skin
  • Helps the skin to become fair, not sensitive to the sun
  • Helps restore the black eyes
  • Reduce, black red marks caused by acne
  • Shining L-gluta Armoni 1 tablets vitamin C as high as the work
  • Take a day 2 tablets (after breakfast 1 tablets before going to bed 1 tablet) for better performance
  • Acerola Cherry 808 mg 53.8%,Active Glutathione 346 mg 23.1%,Vitamin C 115 mg 7.7%,Tomato Extract 81 mg 5.4%,Pomegranate 58 mg 3.8%,Grape Seed 46 mg 3.1%,Q10 23 mg 1.5%,Pine Bark 23 mg 1.5%
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