Sharpie Lion Special Edition Adult Coloring Markers, 26 Pcs

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Product Details
  • Brand: Sharpie
  • Product Type: Marker
  • Point Type: Fine & Ultra Fine
  • Size: 26Pcs
  • Model Number: SP-2110123
Product Description
  • The marker set features a custom selection of core and colors, so you'll never have to hunt for the right shade.
  • Markers have ink that leaves a permanent mark on most surfaces and have a quick-drying, waterproof formula that resists fading
  • Fine pens in the set include Black, Slate, Blue, Turquoise, Nano Blue, Blue Ice, Sky Blue, Green, Lime, Mint, Yellow, Peach (x2), Optic Orange, Electric Pink, Magenta (x2), Red, Purple, Brown.

  • Ultra fine pens in the set include Black, Blue, Green, Magenta, Turquoise and Red.

Brand Sharpie
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